Tournament Web Sites

Rogers, AR - 2nd to the last Weekend in SEPTEMBER

Louisville - Lousville, KY, in early OCTOBER each year

South Texas Invitational - Houston, TX OCTOBER each year

QuizFest - Kankakee, IL 3rd Weekend OCTOBER each year

Olathe - Olathe, KS 1st Weekend NOVEMBER each year

CA Grizzly Invitational - Clove, NM each NOVEMBER each year: email Ken Freed 

Michigan - Kalamazoo, MI 3rd Weekend NOVEMBER each year or the week before Thanksgiving

Tri-State - Mount Vernon, OH at MVNU 3rd Weekend in NOVEMBER each year

St. Louis Top Ten - St. Louis, MO 1st Weekend DECEMBER each year (Top Ten District All-Stars)

Blue Ridge Tournament - Woodbridge COTN, Woodbridge, VA, Dec. 7, 2013 contact: (Bucky Wince, Nazarene and WBQA style, cost - $25 per team; Romans 1-13.

Lela Close Memorial - Flint, MI 3rd Weekend JANUARY each year

Oklahoma Invitational - Bethany, OK Last Weekend JANUARY each year email: Adam Jordan 

WA-OR Invitational - Portland, OR area church 1st Weekend FEBRUARY each year

Tulsa Invitational - Tulsa, OK at Broken Arrow COTN, Mid-FEBRUARY each year email:  Bev Lyles

Sterling - Sterling, IL 3rd Weekend FEBRUARY each year

Indianapolis Westside - Indianapolis, IN 2nd Weekend MARCH each year

Dallas Invitational Teen Bible Quiz - Richardson, TX early MARCH each year: Kale Woods  Information

Quizzing will be at NYC 2015 at Louisville 1st COTN.